June Notes

Now’s the time to stop picking your asparagus!  I’ve had a terrific crop this year – not everyone agrees with me about this but I’m a firm believer in adding some well-rotted horse manure to the bed in the early spring; doing that has served me very well over the years.  I think compost would be just as good if you can’t get horse manure. But stop picking the spears now and you’ll be in good shape for next year.

Some of my early seeds sown outdoors didn’t germinate well this year because the weather was so bad – parsley and spring onions were very slow to come through.  So I’ve used my SeedSava to sow more seeds in pots in the greenhouse and they’re doing much better.


I’ve got lettuce going well outside.  I sow Little Gem, Cos and some red leaves – Lolla Rossa is nice – about every six weeks all summer.  I use the SeedSava for this which is an absolute boon – just two lengths gives us plenty of lettuce till the new sowing comes through.  I reckon a single packet of seeds will last me the whole season done this way.  The same with radishes – I sow them every six weeks, just a few at a time, and we like to eat them when they’re small and tender.

I’ve been cleaning up the weeds around my fruit bushes.  I put a cage over them last winter to keep the birds off and it’s paying off – the blackcurrant, whitecurrant and redcurrant bushes are looking great.  There’s nothing on my gooseberry bush, but that might be because it’s new and needs this season to settle down.

You have to keep up with weeding at the moment.  The wet and slightly warmer conditions are perfect for things you don’t want!  Don’t forget if you’re using a hoe, pick up the weeds afterwards because otherwise all you’re doing is transplanting them from one place to the next….

It’s a busy time but my SeedSava is getting plenty of use!