September 2015

Well it rained a lot in August, as we know – we had 1.25 inches here on August 18/19; but I still managed to get some thing done.  I thinned out the spring raspberry canes by cutting out the sticks that fruited this year and tidying up the fresh shoots for next year to about a foot apart.  The autumn canes I leave till March and then cut them right down to the ground.

We seem to have been picking runner beans all month.IMG_5717  This year they didn’t come all at once, which is nice – we always seem to have been able to pick what we want.

The big surprise came from the self seeded potatoes – the two tubers gave us about 30 excellent spuds between them! I think they were probably Maris Bards, because that’s what I usually grow, and they were a fair distance apart, maybe that helped them along.  But they got hardly any care and attention from me, maybe one earthing up, and they were brilliant!

I harvested our onions on a dry day and they’re in the greenhouse now drying out.  They’ll go into nets soon and will keep over the winter.

IMG_5733I tidied up the new strawberry plants so they’ll be ready for next year’s fruiting.  I took out all their runners and cleared the weeds so the plants will sit nicely. This year’s plants I have now cleared – I want that bit of the garden back to grass over as part of my plan (very sensible, I must say) to rice the amount of ground I have to look after and create a raised bed in part of it.

And the other great news is that our hedgehogs are back.  There are clear signs (droppings) that they’ve been for their food, so we are now putting a meal out for them every night.

We picked all the Early Victoria apples from our old variety tree and cooked them up; IMG_5678they’re lovely and mame a delicious foam.  And we’ve now got a terrific crop of pears.  They’re a mixture of Williams and Conference and we took them off the treES at exactly the right moment.  The ones we can’t eat ourselves are going to the family as they don’t keep very long.

We had the last of the lettuce and spring onions a couple of days ago and will keep the beetroots in sand till we need them.

Meanwhile the Seedsava team has been at the NEC in Birmingham and I’m hearing it’s going well.  We have new packaging with the information in four or five languages….  Fingers crossed they start shipping all over the world.