Seed Sizes

Not all seeds, of course, are the same size –
so the SeedSava comes with four hoppers,
colour coded according to the size of the holes
and therefore the size of the seed.
The hopper colours and seed hole sizes are:

Basil Yellow No.1
Beetroot Purple No.4
Broccoli Orange No.2
Brussels Sprouts Orange No.2
Cabbage Orange No.2
Calabrese Orange No.2
Carrots Orange No.2
Cauliflower Orange No.2
Celeriac Yellow No.1
Celery Yellow No.1
Chard Purple No.4
Chicory Yellow No.1
Coriander Purple No.4
Cress Orange No.2
Endive Orange No.2
Fennel Purple No.4
Kale Orange No.2
Kohl Rabi Green No.3
Leeks Orange No.2
Lettuce Orange No.2
Mustard Green No.3
Onion Orange No.2
Parsley Yellow No.1
Parsnip Purple No.4
Pepper Purple No.4
Radish Green No.3
Rocket Yellow No.1
Spinach Green No.3
Swede Orange No.2
Tomato Green No.3
Turnip Yellow No.1

Of course there are many other crops and seed sizes, so this list is offered as a guide and list of suggestions. Users will want to develop their own list based on experience – but we’re sure the benefits will be clear after a very short time.

For the larger seeds, like beetroot and radish, in the green and purple hoppers, you will probably sow one seed per hole. For the smaller seeds, especially the really tiny ones like parsley, you will be sowing several at a time, so there will still be some thinning to do; but as the clumps will be small and neatly spaced this task will be much less tiresome and risky.

After use, make sure the base and hoppers are clean and seed-free for next time. The device is designed to clip together and hang on a nail in your shed alongside other tools. We hope SeedSava will give you years of successful use and we welcome your feedback on any aspect of your new tool.

Happy growing!