October 2015

Last month I cut down all my asparagus ferns to just two or three inches above the ground and put all the cut material on the compost heap.IMG_5731  If you don’t do that, when the winds come they will rock the roots and damage the plants for next year.

At the same time I took the netting off our fruit bushes.  Two reasons, really – it lets the birds finish off the remaining redcurrants but more importantly if any snow arrives over the winter it won’t weigh down the cages.

Towards the end of September we had the last of this year’s sweetcorn and were still picking runner beans.  Once both of them were finished I cleared the ground been in and stored the supporting posts in the shed – it’s tempting to leave them in the ground but the weather won’t be kind to them.

I’m still clearing the main part of the vegetable garden ready to grass it over next year.  It’s going to be a wrench but it makes sense.  I’m not getting any younger and we only need to grow what we can eat…. Speaking of which I pulled up the last my parsnips which were a bit disappointing this year.  They looked fine on the surface of the ground but were very thin and feeble underneath.  We also finished off our tomatoes and are still picking a wonderful crop of apples.

And now the best news – the hedgehogs are fine!  I still don’t know where they sleep but every night they take the food we’ve left out for them and leave behind their unmistakable traces.  It’s great to have them with us….

And we had a week away at the end of September.  The garden didn’t come to any harm and we had a lovely relaxing time in Yorkshire.  See you next month.