May 2016

My greenhouse and the new raised bed are both starting to look a bit busier.

I’ve planted out some peas, carrots and lettuces, and of course the onions were already in there (the soil in the bed is so nice and friable that the cats love digging in it, or they did until we covered it over with some netting!)

In the greenhouse I’ve got six tomato plants on the go in large grow bags (the big ones seem much better, because the roots will have more space and they can take in more moisture), and some peppers as well. I’ve also got some sunflower seeds germinating in the greenhouse in pots, as well as melons and mini-cucumbers.

Sweetcorn always does well in our garden so I’ve also got some seeds in fibre pots in the greenhouse – they’ll be planted out in the next few days.

Inside Greenhouse

The first asparagus spear showed itself on May 6 – just the one at that point but by May 13 there were enough for a meal  and they’re still coming on.

I’m trying to give my blueberry bushes a bit more attention this year, to see if I can the fruit a bit bigger and juicier.  I’ve got them in pots because they need an acidic soil and they’re now in the fruit cage.  I’m watering them with rainwater only, which does them more good than water from the tap.

Sadly we haven’t seen any sign of our hedgehogs for the last month or so.  Fingers crossed they are ok and still around somewhere.  On the other hand the swallows are back, in the same nests as last year.  It’s wonderful to see them again and amazing the way they can find their way back here after their winter in Africa.