March 2016

We’re starting to see signs of life – there’s more light every day and the soil is warming up a bit (at last!).  We dug over the original soil underneath the raised bed and weeded it – then spread four or five barrowloads of well-rotted manure and finally about three tons of topsoil.  It’s starting to settle a bit and there’ll be space for another few barrowloads but it won’t be too long now before we have a manageable and working raised bed.  20151220_121838

Around it we’ll be sowing grass seed (which I much prefer to laying turf).  I’ve still got my strawberry bed and asparagus where they have always been, but apart from them the whole area outside the raised bed will be grassed over.

So – getting ready for the new bed: I sowed some red and white onion seeds last month in fibre pots, sat them in the propagator at 15 degrees C on a shelf by the window in our tackroom where I keep all the tools.  They’ve germinated nicely, so I’ve just moved them into the greenhouse where they will get plenty of light.  I’ve now got some tomato seeds in the propagator, and then they in turn will move into the greenhouse when they come through.

I had some lettuce seeds left over from last year (thanks to the SeedSava!) so they are also now in fibre pots.  They will go into the raised bed when they establish themselves.

We’re still picking and eating our rhubarb – short stems now but they’re really tasty.

So by next month things will start to move forwards and the garden will take on its new look with a thriving and productive raised bed!