March 2015

We’re just getting to the end of last year’s stored onions so it’s good news that a week ago I was able to get my onion seedlings into the cold greenhouse.  RobinMost of the seeds have successfully propagated and I’ve got about 60 plants.  They do keep very well once I pull them up, so we are within reach of a year-round supply for the kitchen.

I realised what the problem has been with my blackberry bush!  GoldfinchIt was sitting right underneath the bird feeders, so not surprisingly it was covered in droppings.  I went out and bought a new one, the variety is Loch Lomond, and it’s in the ground now well away from the feeders by the wall.

I think it’s a bit early to put tender vegetables in the ground outside but I’ve got 60 pots of pea shoots in the propagator, where they’ll stay for a week or so.  As soon as the ground warms up a bit more I’ll get them outside.  We’ve had our first meal of rhubarb from the forced shoots, and very good they were.  I’ve still got the upturned tin baths over some of them, so there will be more for the table yet.  Apple pruning is still under way, I want to get that all done before serious growth starts.  And I’ve been feeding the blueberries a good ericaceous mix and watering them with pure rainwater.  they should thrive on that.  I’ve got them in pots in groups because they need to be together to germinate from each other.

I’ve cut the autumn raspberry Rasberries2canes right down and weeded (carefully!!) around them.  This is a great time of year for hoeing, with the ground staring to dry out, but you still have to be careful not to damage anything delicate like raspberry roots.

The best news so far is that the hedgehog family we keep an eye on in the garden seems to have come through the winter successfully.  I don’t know where they hibernate but they have emerged – including a tiny baby one!  We were worried about it being so small and vulnerable to the cold but my wife put out some special hedgehog food and touch wood it seems to be fine.  It appeared with an adult the other day; how lovely to see.  They are such delightful animals to have around, we do all we can to leave places for them to be in peace.

Good luck with your first signs of spring wherever you are, and see you next month.