June 2016

Exciting news on strawberries – on June 14 I picked 4lb of very tasty berries.  I was on the point of putting matting under the plants (which I prefer to straw) when I saw how well they were doing.  Slightly mud-spattered, of course, with all the rain we’ve been having, but none the worse for that.  Now the matting (I use squares of carpet felt) is down we’ll be picking nice clean ones for ages.

I gave them a top dressing of manure at the end of May and netted them against the birds, and thought then they were looking pretty good.

The other crop which has been a big success this year is asparagus – delighted with the spears we have been picking and eating.

I put the sweetcorn out from the greenhouse into the raised bed and then immediately discovered the cat had decided that was a good place to dig – so I’ve had to protect them with chicken wire.  They’re looking good now.

I bought some runner bean plants as I hadn’t sown any this year and got out the canes I always use for a wigwam.  It would have taken up too much space in the raised bed, so they are sitting on a spare piece of ground I prepared for them.  They take a little while to get going but they look well established now.


I also used the SeedSava to sow some wallflower seeds for flowering in the autumn.  It’s a good gadget for flower seeds as well as vegetables, they’re just starting to show through in a row in the raised bed.

And as well as the strawberries and asparagus we’ve been picking and eating cucumbers from the greenhouse – the first ones on June 8, which I was delighted about.

Hopefully we will now get some sun for everything – we’ve certainly got more than enough water!  See you next month….