July 2016

After a bit of a worrying time we’ve started to see signs of the hedgehogs again, which is a relief.  We haven’t actually seen the animals, but we think they are around somewhere and, better still, there are no obvious casualties in the garden.

We’ve had fabulous crops of soft fruits.  At the beginning of the month I picked 4 lb of strawberries, and our redcurrant and white currant bushes, just one of each, have been laden.  I took 4 lb off one of them and you could barely see the difference.  There are some redcurrant trays in the freezer now so we will be able to make good use of them – and neighbours and friends have been benefitting as well.  The same with the spring raspberries – there must have been something about the weather this year which has made all the fruit do so well.


Carrots and lettuce are doing well in the raised bed and I’ve sown some more salad leaves; very happy with

the peas this year as well, some of those have also gone into the freezer.  The wallflowers I’m raising are well established too.

I’m doing my best to keep the weeds under control on the stretch of the old vegetable patch which is going to be put to grass.  I don’t want to seed it till as late as possible – September, probably, so there is as little competition from weeds as possible.  I’ve got some more top soil in now, to even up the levels a bit and it’s just a question of keep the weeds at bay as best I can.

So far so good – I’ll have some new photos for you next month as well.  Happy gardening meanwhile!