January 2016

A new year and a new era in my garden; the structure of the new raised bed is now in place and I’ll soon be ordering a couple of cubic yards of topsoil for it; I don’t want to use soil out of the existing garden.  Then I can start thinking about putting the SeedSava to use for this year’s crops.  20151220_121824The frame for the bed is made out of glass reinforced cement (GRC) and fixed into the ground with serrated metal spikes; outside the frame I’ve also banged in some short wooden posts for extra strength, attached to the frame with stainless steel screws.  The inside width of the frame is two metres, so that the netting cages I already have will fit neatly inside to protect young crops from the birds.  The planting in the frame will be much more intensive than I’m used to, with everything much closer together.  It’s going to be a great improvement and I’m really looking forward to a more manageable space. The ground all round the frame will be sown for grass when the soil is clear and ready for the seed.  I might have to put a path round the frame but we’ll wait and see how it works out.  20151220_121914I’ve still got some leeks to harvest before we start thinking about the grass.  I’ve put my old zinc baths over the rhubarb again so we should be able to pick some forced sticks before too long.  See you next month – by then we’ll be able to look forward to longer days and a bit more sunshine…..