January 2015

Gate from behandBrand new solid oak gates are now gracing my garden and they will probably outlast the house! This is the time of year to get structural things like that done – and I always like to do it my way.  I’m not a fan of pouring concrete into the ground so the oak posts for the new gates are just set a metre deep into the ground with no concrete and they’re as solid as could be.  Stainless steel fittings for long life; and you can tell the gates were built by a joinery firm that’s used to supplying gates for Cambridge University Colleges!

Meanwhile I’m starting to get the ground ready for sowing in March or thereabouts; it’s a bit early yet but everything will be rotavated as soon as the ground is ready for it.  I’ve got the apples still to prune and the greenhouse needs a good clean, especially on the outside.Inside Greenhouse  I just use warm water with a bit of washing up liquid – but when my window cleaner comes round he’ll sometimes do it; and he has a supply of demineralised water in his van so there are absolutely no streaks or marks.

My onion seeds will be going into heated propagators soon.  I like to grow them from seed, using a specially adapted SeedSava so that just the right number of seeds sits on compost in fibre pots, which can then be planted out complete.  I’ll leave them in the propagator for a couple of weeks.  We’re still eating the leeks from the garden, I suppose there are still a couple of dozen there.  Cabages with cage to protect from pestsLikewise there are still some parsnips and my spring cabbages are coming along nicely.  It’s wonderful the way they put up with the weather.  Occasionally they look a bit tired but they always seem to recover.  I’ve got a cage over them to protect them from birds so they should be fine.

So it’s a month of keeping an eye on things and getting ready for the growing season.  There’s always something to do!