February 2016

You know those free seeds that sometimes come with gardening magazines?  Don’t throw them away or forget about them till it’s too late to do anything with them.  We got a packet of sweet pea seeds in the post with a magazine last month and I sowed them in a propagator at 15 degrees C on January 24 – by February 2, 90% of them had germinated already!

RhubarbAnd speaking of things coming through early, we picked our first forced rhubarb on February 6, and it was delicious.  We’ve had the plants under an upturned zinc bath (with a brick on top of it against the wind!).  I haven’t a clue what variety the rhubarb is – these are the same plants that were in our garden when we first came here in 1979.  I just give them a good mulch of manure and they seem to look after themselves.

I’m expecting about 3 tons of topsoil to arrive soon for the raised bed.  By next month we should have that all set up and ready to go for the new season.  By the way here’s an intriguing fact: the other day I was reorganising my water butts and I had a completely empty one – this morning it was full to the brim and according to my rain gauge we had had an inch of rain.  Did you know that an inch of rain falling on an acre of land weighs 100 tons??  Makes you think….

See you next month.