February 2015

I’m pleased to report I’ve got a good area dug over now, ready for early sowing.  John & DingleIt was pretty hard work because the ground is still wet and claggy, but I got all the weeds out and opened up the ground.  I just did it with a fork (assisted by my cat) because it was so heavy but if we get a couple more frosts the soil will be in good condition.  It’s an area about 12′ x 30′ so there’s plenty of room for what I want to do initially this year.  I’ve got onion seeds germinating in an indoor propagator, Red Barons and Bedfordshire Champions, and once they’re through I can get them in the ground outside.  I always like to sow broad beans, carrots and peas nice and early as well – for some reason I find if I can get peas in during March they do much better than sowing them later.

All the pruning is done, too, apart from some apple trees.  Apple trees ready for pruningI was always told not to prune them while there is still a risk of frost, but in the next little while I’ll be able to get the straggly stuff from last year’s growth off the trees.  I don’t know why there’s a “no pruning if there’s frost rule” but I’ve always stuck with it.

The asparagus bed has a really good coating of manureAsparagus, and the rhubarb is just showing through so I’ve put Rhubarbupturned zinc baths over some of them to give us an early forced crop.

So the season feels as though it’s getting under way, now, with signs of growth, and the SeedSava will get plenty of use.  By the way we’re delighted it can now be purchased through the Suttons Seeds website and catalogue – http://seeds.suttons.co.uk/search?w=seedsava&asug= will take you to it!!

Good luck with your gardens now the weather is picking up.  More news next month.