August 2016

A couple of years ago a neighbour was having a large sycamore cut down and the tree surgeons didn’t do a brilliant job – a hefty branch which overhung our garden landed on top of one of my rare variety apple trees and basically broke it.

It had been producing a very nice eating apple called Michaelmas Red.  Rather than dig up the stump I thought there wouldn’t be any harm in leaving it, just to see what happened.  Last year it started producing shoots, turning into what looked a bit like a bushy shrub.  This year it produced four really nice apples in a single clump.  Which just goes to show, you never know what nature can do.  I’ve high hopes that it will continue to regenerate and produce more and more fruit.

The fruit this year has been amazing.  On some of the other trees there were so many apples that I gave them a summer prune, thinning out the weaker shoots and losing some of the smaller apples to give the tree more of a chance to develop the lager ones.  There’s a cooking apple called Early Victoria which has done really well this year – and true to its name, it’s finished already.

The redcurrant kept on producing; that’s the second year in a row we’ve had huge crops.  There’s only so much redcurrant jelly you can eat….

I sowed some more lettuce seeds in July and they’re coming through nicely.  The peas on the raised bed were finished by late July and I pulled up my onions in the nick of time, just before the wet weather at the end of July.

For the second year running I’ve had a problem getting my parsley seeds to germinate.  They were saying on the radio that it’s not too late to sow them but….

Apart from that I’ve got some leek plants going nicely, I’ve got runner beans thriving on a wigwam, and the bare ground round the raised bed is nearly ready to rotate and then I can get grass seed in next month.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next month.