August 2015

The trouble with gardening (apart from all the hard work) is that at this time of year you tend to get to much of everything! We’re still picking redcurrants and inviting friend and neighbours to help themselves; we had a huge crop of blueberries which you’ll remember I grew in three pots because they need an ericaceous soil; the last of them are in the freezer now.  IMG_5738I’ve been thinning out the apples from our five miniature trees, otherwise the weight of the crop would break the branches.   They’re lovely trees, each one is a rare variety grafted on to strong root stock.  One of them is a cooker called Early Victoria, which is a lovely yellow/green colour and when you cook them the flesh turns to a fragrant, tasty foam.  It’s such a shame so many varieties became so hard to find, so I’m doing my bit to put that right.

The red cabbages are doing fine.  I gave them a spray with some diluted soapy water and that seems to have encouraged the cabbage white butterflies to head off elsewhere.  I’ve clipped and re-IMG_5740shaped our bay tree outside the kitchen window, and the last of this year’s peas are now in the freezer for the winter.  We had our first crop of runner beans (which happily are not all coming through at once, so we can eat as we go!).  The leeks did turn out to be leeks and not spring onions, and have germinated nicely and I’ve got the ground ready for them outside.  One of these days I’m going to dig up our self-seeded potatoes and see what they are – the plants certainly look healthy enough.

The sweetcorn are doing well.  I reckon they could do with a bit more sunshine and should be ready in a couple of weeks.  The tassels are coming through now and you can tell they’re probably about ripe when the colour on the tassels starts to turn brownish.

The peppers have just finished, and the cucumbers (blimey we had a LOT of them), and the greenhouse tomatoes are now pacing themselves so that we get a few at a time. IMG_5767 My aubergines suffered from the fact that I didn’t spot the fact that the holes which seemed to be in the bottom of the pot didn’t go all the way through – so they waterlogged.  If I’m honest I’d have to say I’m not a huge fan of aubergines so it wasn’t a tragic loss……

For next season I’m thinking about maybe building a raised bed in part of the vegetable garden.  It would be a bit easier to maintain (I may look young, but….) and I do have to think about just growing what we actually need.  It’s great fun to produce our own fruit and vegetables but this year I’ve struggled to find enough people to give it all away to!

See you next month.  Looking forward to those sweetcorn meantime.