April 2016

Well the good news is that the raised bed is now in use…. The onions I’d been raising indoors spent a bit of time outside in late March and then on April 1 I planted them out in the raised bed, in cross-wise rows.  And I’m about to plant out the pea seedlings which have been coming through very nicely in the propagator.

I’ve also planted out the sweet peas we got as a free seed packet with a magazine.  They nearly all came through and the little plants are now about 9 inches tall, so hopefully they’ll make a great show later in the year.

We got all the apple trees pruned, taking out the knobbly bits and tidying them up – that was a pretty big job and some friends joined in.

On the wildlife front the exciting news is that we’ve seen signs of the hedgehogs coming back after their hibernation and their dish is empty in the mornings (hopefully it’s them not the birds eating their food) – and on April 10, which I thought was early, the swallows reappeared.

See you next month when the weather has warmed up and I’ll have pictures of progress in the raised bed…