April 2015

I’ve been busy getting things in the ground outside this month.  In fact all the soil area I’d prepared is now full, so I’ll need to Rotavate some more for the next lot.

All the onions were planted out at the end of March.  They always take a little while to get going, so nothing much has happened yet – but they’ll be fine.  All my broad beans germinated nicely and they’re planted out as well, as well as the peas (netted to protect them from the birds, of course).  The GardenThe weather in the first week of April was very nice so I’ve sewn parsley, parsnips and carrots – and we’ve got a ready-made salad area where I’ve sewn lettuces, radishes and spring onions.  The spring onions are a bit slower than the rest, of course, but we’ll be well supplied none the less.

I’ve finished pruning the apple trees and they’ve all had a good mulch of rotted horse manure, so they should be perfectly happy.  The mulch helps to keep the weeds down, as well. Apple trees Of course we’ll have far more fruit than we can possibly eat and we always give quite a bit of it away – but growing food is a pleasure in itself.

As for the hedgehogs – well they are definitely still around.  My wife puts out three plates every evening; one each for the two stray cats who always turn up and one for the hedgehogs.  And in the morning they are all completely clean.

Meanwhile the other day I rescued a very chubby looking hedgehog which had fallen down into the recess for my outside tap (I’d forgotten to put the lid on).  I heard a sort of snuffling sound and there he was, splashing about in an inch of water, not looking too worried.  Anyway I lifted him out and put him on the lawn; he sat there for a bit, curled up, and then pottered off.  It’s great to have them, they couldn’t be more welcome.  I only hope we don’t feed them so much that they don’t bother hunting slugs…..

See you next month.