SeedSava, The simple but revolutionary new product

Designed and manufactured in the UK, based on many years of vegetable growing experience, to help any gardener to sow seeds neatly, economically and efficiently.

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Why choose seedsava

SeedSava helps gardeners sow a wide variety of different sized seed’s in neat, even rows. SeedSava reduces the need to thin out your seedlings meaning the soil isn’t disturbed and there is less opportunity for disease to enter the soil to damage your crop.

Using the four different coloured hoppers, SeedSava is able to sow anything from large beetroot and parsnip seed down to small and fiddly basil and turnip seeds.
SeedSava comes as a complete set of 6 parts: A base which sits along the seed drill – Four hoppers to suit a wide variety of different sized seeds – And a lid to contain the seeds.

With the aid of our seed chart gardeners can select the correct colour hopper to suit the seeds they wish to sow, then clip the hopper into the base and pour the seeds in. Simply shake the seeds along the hopper, then place SeedSava over the prepared seed drill and slide it along the base so the holes align and the seeds fall onto the soil in a neat, evenly spaced row.

SeedSava is very easy to use, for more information on how to use SeedSava please watch the instructional videos and download the instruction guide and seed chart.

Years of experience in a new product

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only£19.50 per complete set

How to use SeedSava

The SeedSava is designed to be simple and easy to use, please download our guides below.

User Instructions Seed Guide

Watch our videos

SeedSava is a simple but revolutionary new product developed from many years of vegetable growing experience to help gardeners sow standard packet seeds easily, economically and efficiently.

How to use Seedsava story

SeedSava reviews

"Great product very easy to use and much less seed wastage. As seeds are spaced evenly hopefully less time thinning"

Thomas Nee - Birmingham, UK

"The SeedSava arrived today, I tried it out this afternoon and so far I’m very impressed"

Paul Watts - Victoria 3030, Australia

"I am looking forward to getting it. What a great idea! We are going into summer so lots of planting"

Penelope Gordon - Western Cape, South Africa