Welcome to SeedSava

SeedSava is a simple but revolutionary new product, designed and manufactured in the UK, based on many years of vegetable growing experience, to help any gardener to sow seeds neatly, economically and efficiently.

On this website you’ll find full information on how to use the SeedSava to its best advantage. It’ll help you to waste less seed, spend less time thinning out seedlings, and improve your vegetable growing.

You can watch a film, which shows the SeedSava in action on a real vegetable plot.
There’s an easy way to buy, so you can see for yourself how well the SeedSava works and put it straight to use in your garden.

There’s a gardeners’ diary with handy seasonal vegetable growing tips, and details on how to contact us through Twitter and Facebook so you can tell us your own experiences in your garden or allotment and give us valuable SeedSava feedback.

And there are full details on how to use the SeedSava to best advantage, together with a handy guide which help you to choose the right sized hopper for the seeds you want to sow.